Senior Policy Analyst - Multilateral Trade Policy And Regional Integration Expert

Anselmo Nhara

Mr. A. Nhara is a trade economist with more than 20 years experience in national, regional and multilateral trade policy-making and research devoted to the Eastern and Southern Africa region. He has broad experience in international trade (WTO and ACP-EU Trade relations and negotiations ) with specific expertise in regional integration, trade policy formulation, implementation of trade commitments and the trade capacity building and sensitization for government officials; private sector representative bodies and civil society.

Mr. Nhara commands extensive knowledge of current WTO Agreements with special focus on Agriculture, NAMA, the GATS, Trade Defence Instruments, Trade Facilitation and Competition Policy. Additionally,the expert is fully conversant with the current multilateral negotiations under the WTO Doha Work Programme (DWP). He has been actively involved in the ACP/EU negotiations on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) as a Regional Trade Policy Adviser to the SADC Secretariat under the Commonwealth/EU’s “Hub and Spokes”Project on “Building the Capacity of ACP countries in Trade Policy Formulation, Negotiation and Implementation.”

Additionally, Mr. Nhara has been actively involved in the technical aspects of the COMESA regional integration agenda including negotiations and implementation of the COMESA FTA, the design of the Common External Tariff (CET), Trade in Services as well as the joint negotiating meetings of the EU-ESA Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

The Expert has designed and conducted Trade Needs Assessments for the SADC Region, carried out training, sensitization and information dissemination activities in several SADC countries on WTO; ACP/EU relations as well as regional integration negotiations for a SADC FTA (launched in 2008) under the Regional Indicative Strategic Programme (RISDP).

Mr. Nhara has been actively involved in the meetings and deliberations on the Tripartite Free Trade Area for the COMESA-EAC-SADC regions and has made several workshop presentations on the issues, process and challenges towards the realization of the Grand Free Trade Area. Of late he has been actively involved in the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) negotiations as an independent consultant focusing on Trade Facilitation issues and Modalities for tariff negotiations.

In addittion to a Bsc Honours in Economics Degree; post-Graduate specialization in International Trade; WTO Trade Policy Course, Mr. Nhara earned an MBA from Nottingham Business School in the UK.

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