global health diplomacy

As trade liberalisation is deepening, health issues now transcend national borders and are globalised. Trade agreements, security and foreign policies are now at the cutting age of global public health. Particularly, health is one of the critical trans-border issues that require effective collective action under unprecedented challenges of social determinants of health in a changing and complex political system, climate change, energy security, food production and financial systems. In fact political changes, climate change, food production, energy security and financial systems presents serious challenges to the position of health diplomacy in international relations, as well as the effectiveness of health diplomacy in achieving health goals. SEATINI will pursue the overall research agenda of strengthening evidence base under the evolving processes of globalisation, with particular focus on the implications of trade and related agreements on health in southern Africa. WTO’s TRIPS agreement has already been altered due to resistance based on its implications on access to health and medicines in developing countries. SEATINI will carry out research, and undertake regional dialogue meetings meant to share knowledge and information on how access to health services and products can be promoted through trade and investment agreements. Specific programmes will be held targeting leading diseases such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, among others.

Our Dream

SEATINI’s dream for a future world is one without war and violence. It is one where nobody needs to go hungry or thirsty, or without clothing, shelter, clean water, ample sources of energy, good health and education, and the higher pursuits of knowledge. It is a dream of a borderless world, where people move freely between climes and cultures, and where social structures, inclusion, culture and dignity give more status than consumer goods. It is a world where the benefits of the phenomenal advancement of science and technology are available to all, where these are applied to satisfy all the reasonable and sensible material needs of the world’s populations, where survival, access to basic needs and dignity are not dependent on paid labour


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