Research and policy analysis

Systematic research occupies the prime role of providing evidence and facts oriented at influencing trade negotiations and policies to change the prolonged challenges of food security, inequality and inequity, poverty, conflicts, deprivation, and social exclusion among others. SEATINI’s interests is to deepen and broaden the publicly available evidence and information relating to the global trading system, and document the experiences of developing countries in relation to globalization. Research on food security, access to health, access to natural resources, human rights, impacts of large scale investments and community impacts help to shape multilevel advocacy on alternative development policies that are people centered and compatible to southern Africa. SEATINI undertakes both conventional and popular (community based) research to proactively influence trade and related socio-economic policies in promoting the aspirations of industrialization, regional integration, production, job creation and structural transformation.

Our Dream

SEATINI’s dream for a future world is one without war and violence. It is one where nobody needs to go hungry or thirsty, or without clothing, shelter, clean water, ample sources of energy, good health and education, and the higher pursuits of knowledge. It is a dream of a borderless world, where people move freely between climes and cultures, and where social structures, inclusion, culture and dignity give more status than consumer goods. It is a world where the benefits of the phenomenal advancement of science and technology are available to all, where these are applied to satisfy all the reasonable and sensible material needs of the world’s populations, where survival, access to basic needs and dignity are not dependent on paid labour


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